Artist Statement


Most of my career was spent in the biochemical and information sciences. The beauty of science and revelation of hard-earned discoveries remain a continuous source of inspiration, presenting endless opportunities for thrilling visualizations and interpretations in glass. The deliberate assemblage of a multitude of small parts reveals new and unpredictable levels of depth and complexity.

My interest in glass started more than 20 years ago. My artistic education is informal; it includes watercolor classes, teaching myself stained glass, and later attending workshops in hot and warm glass techniques. Since the early 2000s, I have created a number of pieces that now reside in private residences in the US and Canada.

My interest in photography goes back considerably further than my glass endeavors. The advent of digital photography and powerful computer applications make my macro photography images possible.

Process and Technique


Kilnformed glass is produced through a controlled heating process, sometimes as high as 1700 degrees F, and holding at different temperatures for appropriate amounts of time to get the desired effect. Equally important is a controlled slow cooling which can take a day or longer. This slow cooling is needed to eliminate the internal strain that is a product of how glass cools. Often mechanical processing, such as grinding and polishing, is needed between and after cycles.  Some pieces require multiple cycles through a kiln to complete the design. It is by nature a time consuming and labor intensive activity.


The crackle technique incorporates the manipulation of powdered glass.
I have developed my own approach to the method and incorporate crackle pieces into some of my works.


In situ stock images aside, all photos of the works are by me. I use a Sony Alpha 7II camera.
The home page image, prints that are for sale and the detail shots were also done with a macro bellows system, with magnifications around 1.5X to 5X.

Recognition & Representation

C.A.S-Handmade, Hudson, MA Spring 2017
Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlborough, MA Fall 2016
id-Salon Wellesley, MA, Summer 2016

Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale AZ

Thanks & Credits

I would like to thank Tina Silverio of Fused Glass Warehouse in New Hampshire for her valuable guidance and suggestions.

This site is a modified version of the Tesseract Word Press theme designed by Tyler More.
Much obliged for the inspiration and construction ease.

And of course I am grateful for the boundless patience, encouragement and support of my wife Cheryl.

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