Distant Landscapes Gallery

This series of works is a glimpse into the beautiful and chaotic realm of cast glass. Using traditional glass-working techniques, carefully cut and polished pieces reveal hidden details rarely seen in glass work.

Although the subjects are actually quite small, macro photography perfectly showcases their beautiful complexity. Because they are not allied to any particular subject, these unique images will easily elicit a diverse spectrum of interpretations. Hopefully you will find them as evocative and pleasing as I do.

These fine art images are printed on archival metallic paper with pigment inks that produce a stunning depth and luminosity. With very high resolution source images pixelation is absent at any size print. These are best viewed with indirect incandescent light. Properly framed they will last as long as a traditional print.

Click on any image for a details page of higher resolution images,
dimensions, availability, pricing and purchasing.

Vincent's View - Reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night


Distant Canyons - Reminiscent of the slot canyons of the southwest.


Sea Garden - An underwater garden.


Jupiter Tide - Could be a tidal pool anywhere extraterrestrial.


Numen - An ancient Roman term referring to spirits that inhabit an object.


New Works Now Available:

Gravity's Wake - A colorful interpretation of gravity waves perturbing space



Descent - A long slow slide into the turbulent abyss.


Emerald Rings




More works coming soon, check back again. Thanks for looking.

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